Welcome to the Cox Family Winery!

Cox Family Winery has been recognized by the Journal and National Publication for their recent land expansion. Cox Family Winery will be planting over 10,000 vines over the next 6 to 10 years. This expansion will launch Cox Family Winery onto a national scale and help local tri-state wineries with grape supplies.

We are the only winery in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia and the newest winery in West Virginia. We were granted state and federal approval for business license and bonding in 2010.

Our vines are soaking up all that West Virginia has to offer in her seasonal changes; from warm summers to cold winters. All of which can make for a wonderful vintage!

Cox Family Winery looks forward to serving the community and your events.

Along with our wine and custom labeling, we are thrilled that our own COX JUICE label placed among the best of the best in the national WineMaker Magazine's Annual Label Contest for 2010.

What a great way to kick off our business... with bragging rights!

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Cox Family Winery was selected by the readers of the Journal as the BEST of the BEST in the Wine Selection category for 2013.